Mr Raymond Ng joined the board on 28 October 2004 and was last re-elected as a Director of the Company on 28 April 2022. He is a member of the Nominating Committee. As the Executive Chairman, he is responsible for the Group’s overall management, business development, investment decisions as well as strategic direction and planning. He has developed a keen and astute business mindset which has enabled him to identify business opportunities, and is instrumental in spearheading the Group’s new business transformation into an environmental hub. He has accumulated over 35 years of experience in the recycling and e-waste management & recovery business. He is also an accomplished property developer with more than 20 years’ of industry experience.

In recognition of Mr Raymond Ng’s contribution to the community, he was awarded Public Service Medal (PBM) Award in 2003 and Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (BBM) Award in 2014. He also received a Service to Education Award – Silver in 2010 from the Ministry of Education, Singapore.