We are one of the leading e-waste recycling players in Singapore, operating under our 2 subsidiaries

The Group owns and operates 2 recycling facilities in Singapore spanning about 350,000 sq ft, with a processing capacity of about 3,600 tonnes/year. Every year, the Group collects and recycle about 3,000 tonnes of e-waste a year, an amount that is growing each year, as the amount of e-waste generate continue to increase and with the rising environmental awareness of consumers and MNCs.

Serving both the electronics manufacturing and healthcare sector, Enviro-Hub can effectively cross-sell its services between its customers base- helping major MNCs to not only dispose of their e-waste properly but also to supply them with gloves for the manufacturing of their products.



our client’s include:

  • Companies manufacturing IC chips.
  • OEM/EMS manufacturers.
  • Testing and assembly houses.
  • Stockists and distributors with end-of-life products and obsolete
  • Scrap collectors needing a company to buy-off their electronic scraps.
  • All other industries that generate material bearing precious metals.

Our technology comprises of:

  • Mechanical dry process plant with on-line sampling system.
  • Precious metals (PGM) recovery and refining.
  • Base metal recovery.
  • CRT recycling.
  • Jewellery Scrap/ Plating Filters Recycling & Refining Plant.
  • Catalytic Converters Recycling & Refining Plant.
  • Rechargeable battery recycling.
  • Pollution control equipment.
  • Chemical treatment.
  • Waste water treatment
  • Analytical laboratory.