Supply of Healthcare Products

With the global medical supplies market anticipated to reach US$133.5 billion by 2025, healthcare products are projected to become the key business segment for Enviro-Hub.

Enviro Healthcare, a wholly owned subsidiary of Enviro-Hub Holdings, is a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products powered by a strong network of expertise and professionals. With our trusted experience, insights, and infrastructure, we help manufacture and source products that meet the demand for value-driven, comprehensive healthcare solutions and offer an expanding portfolio of quality products. We understand that in today’s world the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is a necessity and every person should be able to afford the quality healthcare products. We take pride to achieve excellent customer service, highly competitive prices, and innovative solutions.

Serving both the electronics manufacturing and healthcare sector, Enviro-Hub can effectively cross-sell its services between its customers base- helping major MNCs to not only dispose of their e-waste properly but also to supply them with gloves for the manufacturing of their products.

Medical products and supplies


Gloves S

Gloves H

Pastel Glove

Plastel Glove’s mission is to deliver high-quality and innovative gloves that consistently and effectively protect its customers. Pastel Glove produces high-quality speciality gloves that help professionals across a wide range of industries deliver superior service and hygiene standards. With a team of glove production industry experts, Pastel Glove is able to produce customised and specialised products at scale. Pastel Gloves inspired to become a leading global supplier and manufacturer of specialised gloves.

R Pharmacy

R Pharmacy's mission is to make leading healthcare products more accessible to its customers. Built with millennials in mind, the retail pharmacy will focus on health supplements and medication brands that prioritize reliability. In-house pharmacists will be present at each retail store to provide tailored advice and premium services to customers. With its extensive product offerings, R Pharmacy aspired to be the heartland pharmaceutical leader in Malaysia.